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Month: June 2012

Bill Rauen Joins ABS Team as Dairy Sire Analyst

Bill Rauen has joined ABS Global, Inc. as a dairy sire analyst and member of the regional sire analyst team. “Bill has a wealth of experience in the dairy cattle breeding and A.I.

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ABS Announces 2012 Beef Representative Roundtable Winners

An elite group of authorized ABS Independent Representatives have earned recognition to participate in up‐coming ABS beef week events. A customer’s local ABS Representative serves an important role for ABS Global, Inc. Each year they are the voice and face of ABS in the field serving customers.

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ABS Bolton Sons Receive Visit From Classifier

ABS Global sires and BOLTON sons 29HO14062 GILLESPY*BY and 29HO14080 GAVIN*BY received an excellent first visit from the classifier this month, when they scored Excellent-93 and Excellent-92, respectively. “GILLESPY and GAVIN are the beginning of an era in ABS BOLTON sons, and both hail from the same million-unit mating of BOLTON x SHOTTLE,” stated Scott Bentley, global dairy product manager. “These bulls produce daughters with outstanding production and healthy udders, and are globally proven s…

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