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Month: December 2014

World-famous ABS sire retires after phenomenal career

After an extraordinary fifteen year career at ABS Global Inc., the decision was made to retire 29HO12209 Picston SHOTTLE from the active bull lineup. He leaves behind a significant legacy after producing 1,174,948 units. SHOTTLE had a major influence over the Holstein breed as an icon for dairy farmers around the globe.

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ABS graduates 12 bulls In December 2014

With an outstanding December 2014 proof run, ABS graduated 12 new bulls to join the influential ABS sire lineup.  Leading this class of graduates is 29HO16200 MESSIAH, a +2265 TPI® Freddie son that will turn heads.  MESSIAH will share the stage with 29HO14142 DORCY, who has proven himself once again by securing number 8 in the TPI® top 10.

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