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Month: April 2017

ABS Purchases Remaining Shares of In Vitro Brasil

ABS® Global Inc., a division of Genus plc, recently became the sole owner of In Vitro Brasil S.A. (IVB®).

In 2015, ABS purchased 51 percent of the company focused on in vitro fertilization (IVF) of bovine embryos.

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ABS Anti-Trust Litigation Factsheet

What you need to know: ABS Global Inc. (ABS), a division of Genus plc, was granted a permanent injunction that paved the way for ABS to launch its innovative 21st century sexing technology designed to meet the needs of dairy and beef producers around the world. In granting the permanent injunction, the Court confirmed that Sexing Technologies (ST) is prevented from enforcing certain research, marketing and non-compete restrictions under the 2012 Semen Sorting Agreement between ST and ABS.Followi…

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ABS Global Graduates 11 Sires with Continued Focus on Profitable Genetics

ABS Global, Inc., the world leader in bovine genetics, reproduction services and technologies, graduates 11 sires into its proven sire lineup that provide a wide array of favorable traits for dairy producers across the globe.“Topping our proven list is Uecker Supersire Josuper-ET,” says Mitch Amundson, Global Dairy Brand Manager. “29HO17553 JOSUPER is truly unmatched in his ability to improve protein and milk production while balancing health and fertility. This 5-star semen fe…

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ABS Global Granted Permanent Injunction Against Sexing Technologies

ABS Global Inc. (ABS), a division of Genus plc, a global pioneer in animal genetics, was granted a permanent injunction in connection with its litigation against Inguran LLC, operating as Sexing Technologies (ST). The injunction was announced by the U.S.

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