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ABS Global Adds to Icon Sires™; Builds Strong Lineup

MADISON, WI, U.S.A. — The December Sire Summary added four new Icon Sire™ bulls to the already rich ABS Global offering while graduating four Holsteins and two Jerseys. Additionally, industry favorite and April 2017 graduate, 29HO17553 JOSUPER, held strong (982 NM$ and 2790 TPI®), but was outdone by his son, 29HO17947 ABS ROWDY-ET, the highest NM$ bull with a daughter proof at 992 NM$.

“We’re very proud and excited to produce these strong genetics for our valued customers,” said Katie Olson, Ph.D., Global Director Dairy Product Development, ABS Global. “Our producers have the choice to have early access through Icon Sires, go the proven route with our strong graduates or to select any of our strong genomic sires.

“We are proud to have a deep lineup of sires to meet the diverse needs of the customers we serve. With dozens of Holsteins above +950 NM$ and 10+ Jerseys over +600 CM$, our customers have access to a powerful portfolio of sires to reach their genetic goals and profit from genetic progress.”

Icon Sires introduced today include Holstein sires 29HO18868 DENOVO 7545 DIVERSITY-ET, 29HO18911 DENOVO 14649 GODIVA-ET, 29HO18907 MR FB HANSBROUGH-ET, and 29HO18966 RI-VAL-RE RADICAL-ET. Graduates today included Holstein sires 29HO17709 DE-SU 12147 ALLSTAR-ET, 29HO17747 COOKIECUTTER HARPER-ET, and 94HO17998 MAVERICK CRUSH, and Jersey sires 29JE3989 JX FOREST GLEN HARRIS HALT {5}, and 29JE3992 AHLEM BOWMAN LANCER-ET.

St. Jacobs sires held strong today as well with the graduation of CRUSH.

“Our daughter proven bulls, 94HO17998 MAVERICK CRUSH and 94HO17739 BLAKE had great days and are ranked as the number 3 and 4 PTAT bulls in the breed, respectively,” said Brian Behnke, St. Jacobs Business Manager. “94HO18518 DENVER, 94HO18700 ARTIST, 94HO18820 ADDISON*RC and 94HO18655 BIG FLAVOR all stayed consistently good and rank very high in their age group for type, udder and foot and leg. Our recent release, 94HO18848 ANGLER, is the only bull in the world which is over 2,000 pounds milk and over 3 points of type.”

29JE4117 WESTPORT {6} is in the minority of bulls in the breed that saw PTA values increase and is the highest ABS Jersey sire for CM$ at +707.

“In addition to an elite rank, WESTPORT {6} has a balanced trait profile and universal appeal from an ascending cow family,” said ABS Global Jersey Sire Analyst Aaron Horst. “Of our many Icon Sires, 29JE4104 DANNY {3} is our highest for JPI at +201. As our customers continue to value fertile cows, Uncle Luke sons 29JE4109 DAB {3}, 29JE4101 ACCLIMATE {3}, and 29JE4110 HEINZ {3} are our highest ranking bulls above +2.0 DPR, which is unlike any other stud’s offering. We are also excited to have an expanded list of Sexcel® Sexed Genetics sires from which our customers may choose.”

Customers are encouraged to review all ABS sires at the newly introduced Bull Search 2.0, the ABS dairy website containing valued information on industry sires and their genetic lines. The site sports a new look and feel and is designed to give customers increased efficiency and flexibility when searching for sires. It is also seamlessly fits with the ABS Customer Index solution while improving the registration and log in process.

People are now redirected to from the former site. Note: This new site is not supported by Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari to access. Additionally, beef bull information – bull data and searches – will remain available at

“We encourage people to use the ABS Global Bull Search website to view sires actively marketed or sold in their specific country,” said Olivier Hiers, Global Marketing Director, ABS Global. “Genetic proofs are available for several different countries and the site is available in many languages as well.”

For more information about ABS Global Bull Search, contact

At ABS, our mission is to produce a superior sire lineup that tailors to the management style and desires of every herd in recognition of the dairyman’s needs. We are pleased to announce our newest Icon and proven sires that will offer a variety of traits to help our valued customers fast forward genetic progress.

ABS Global Newly Released Icon Sires


  • Early MEDLEY son offers elite Net Merit
  • Extreme fat and protein with medium frame size for efficient production
  • Great combination of easy calving and improved fertility

29HO18911 DENOVO 14649 GODIVA-ET

  • Offers improved components and daughter fertility
  • Medium-sized frames with well-attached udders
  • 5-star TransitionRight® sire for improved health and fitness


  • Improves fat production and daughter fertility
  • Offers well-attached udders with medium-sized frames
  • Designed to create daughters that calve easily and breed back quickly


  • Offers improved component pounds and percentages
  • Medium-sized frames with well-attached udders
  • Improves calving ability

ABS Global December 2018 Graduates

29HO17709 DE-SU 12147 ALLSTAR-ET

  • BALISTO son that improves component percentages and pounds
  • Lowers SCS
  • Well attached udders


  • BALISTO son that offers extreme component improvement
  • Lowers SCS and improves daughter fertility
  • Delivers Sire Calving Ease with 4-star RWD Bull Fertility


  • #3 PTAT daughter proven bull
  • Breed-leading SCS of 2.19
  • Incredible +2.6 DPR with 3.71 PTAT