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ABS Global Designates New Icon Sires™, Graduates Sires

MADISON, WI, U.S.A. — ABS Global, Inc., the world leader in bovine genetics, reproduction services and technologies, today introduced seven new Icon Sires™ to the market, graduated nine proven sires and held the #1 proven position in NM$ and TPI® with April 2017 graduate 29HO17553 JOSUPER.

This 5-star semen fertility and 4-star TransitionRight® sire tops the industry lists with 998 NM$ and 2806 TPI while continuing to shine with +3442 milk and +98 protein lbs. While the majority of bulls adjusted downward with health and fitness trait changes today, JOSUPER climbed.

JOSUPER has always been a great bull, but today he ascended to the most coveted position,” said Mitch Amundson, Global Dairy Brand Manager. “It’s great to see him continuing to impress our customers. He’s definitely in good company with the new graduates we introduced to the industry.”

Proven sires graduating today include: Holsteins 29HO17740 AMRYN, 29HO17711 EMPIRE, 29HO17726 BRODIE, 29HO17718 TRANSFORMER, 29HO17619 OLDORO, and Jersey sire 29JE3936 VIPER.

St. Jacobs had a strong showing today with the introduction of 94HO0898 CALIFORNIA-RED and 94HO17739 BLAKE, the top ranked PTAT bull worldwide.

“This sire has 58 scored daughters and went up to +3.77 PTAT,” said Brian Behnke, St. Jacobs Business Manager. “He also boasts positive components and a SCS of 2.71. Breeders have called to express how well they like their daughters even before today and we could not be more excited to add BLAKE to our proven bull lineup.”

Icon Sires introduced today include: 29HO18693 CRIMSON, 29HO18682 COLORADO, 29HO18691 SAMARITAN, 29HO18720 OUTBACK, 29HO18756 SHALOM-P, 29HO18698 JERONIMO-P, and 29HO18639 JOPPOLO-PP.

“The Icon Sire program is unlike others in the industry as it allows us to introduce our top genetics to customers earlier than ever before,” Amundson continued. “Our top ranked Icon Sire today was 29HO18611 SKYWALKER with 2854 TPI and 992 NM$. Also ranking high was Icon Sire CRIMSON, a SPECTRE son, with 1022 NM$.

At ABS, It is our mission to produce a superior sire lineup that tailors to the management style and desires of every herd in recognition of the dairyman’s needs. We are pleased to announce our newest Icon and proven sires that will offer a variety of traits to help our valued customers achieve their goals.

ABS Global Newly Released Icon Sires


  • All-around elite proof
  • A2/A2 and BB caseins
  • Extreme calving ease
  • View Icon Sire


  • Breed leading PLI
  • Extreme calving ease, health and fertility
  • View Icon Sire


  • A2/A2 and calving ease
  • Huge fat production and longevity
  • View Icon Sire

29HO18756 SHALOM-P

  • 50% hornless offspring, A2/A2 and BB caseins
  • High production
  • View Icon Sire


  • A2/A2 and calving ease
  • Elite fitness and high components
  • View Icon Sire


  • 50% hornless offspring, A2/A2 and BB caseins
  • Huge fat production and DPR
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ABS Global April 2018 Graduates

29HO17740 AMRYN

29HO17726 BRODIE

29HO17711 EMPIRE


29HO17619 OLDORO

  • Unique pedigree AltaOak x Shamrock
  • Calving ease and 5-star TransitionRight®
  • Great rear udders
  • View Icon Sire


  • Moderate frames with production
  • Longevity and daughter fertility
  • Calving ease
  • View Icon Sire


94HO17739 BLAKE

  • +3.77 PTAT, #1 daughter proven bull
  • 71 SCS
  • Positive components
  • Awesome dairy frames and wide rumps
  • View Icon Sire

29JE3936 VIPER

  • Daughters have impressed!
  • High production transmitter
  • New maternal line from Forest Glen
  • View Icon Sire

About ABS

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, U.S.A., ABS Global is the world‐leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, artificial insemination technologies, and udder care products. Marketing in more than 70 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.