ABS Global Graduates 10 Sires, Designates Pontiff as Icon Sire

ABS Global, Inc., the world leader in bovine genetics, reproduction services and technologies, graduates 10 sires into its proven sire lineup that provide a wide array of favorable traits for dairy producers across the globe.

“High on our proven list is 29HO17573 SEAGULL-BAY SILVER-ET,” says Mitch Amundson, Global Dairy Brand Manager. “SILVER truly is an example of how genomics work. He was a standout with his initial genomic prediction and he has proven true today. Silver delivers on our global expectations and is a customer satisfaction bull.”

April 2017 graduate 29HO17553 JOSUPER (http://bit.ly/2o799dL) now leads the ABS proven list and had an impressive day. This 5-star semen fertility and 4-star TransitionRight® sire is the #2 NM$ and #3 TPI® sire in the industry and continues to shine with +3,129 milk and +91 protein lbs.

ABS Global is committed to providing the best genetics for each producer’s individual herd. The new graduate line-up features Holstein sires high in milk production, conformation and calving ease while also improving female fertility.

29HO18589 TRIPLECROWN PONTIFF-ET (http://bit.ly/2vNrNvT) adds to our already powerful Icon Sire listing at 2845 TPI® and 925 NM$. He is also a 5-star TransitionRight® sire.

“An elite Jett son, Pontiff is sure to attract attention and should be considered an all around sire for production, health and fitness,” Amundson continues.

At ABS we recognize the dairymen’s needs. It is our mission to produce a superior sire lineup that tailors to the management style and desires of every herd. We are pleased to announce our newest proven sires that will offer dairymen a variety of traits to help all operations achieve their goals.

29HO17573 SILVER (http://bit.ly/2ulUG2a)

  • Delivers on global expectations
  • High production combined with great udders
  • High fertility for continued use on the milking herd

29HO16962 MOONRAKER (http://bit.ly/2wqLEOI)

  • Incredible calving ease
  • Dairy frames with high rear udders
  • High components and A2/A2

29HO17550 BLACKGOLD (http://bit.ly/2vLRMDW)

  • Combination of high semen and daughter fertility
  • High components and calving ease
  • A2/A2

29HO16887 NIRVANA (http://bit.ly/2umm1B7)

  • High semen fertility
  • Positive component tests
  • Calving ease and A2/A2

29HO16940 CAPABULL (http://bit.ly/2vKqnBB)

  • Solid health and calving ease
  • Positive components
  • High semen fertility

29HO17518 MILKSHAKE (http://bit.ly/2vAIGcY)

  • Calving ease and high fertility
  • Reduces frame size and somatic cell score
  • A2/A2

29HO16996 HOMERUN-P (http://bit.ly/2vgyzbY)

  • 50% offspring are hornless
  • High semen fertility and calving ease
  • Huge production without sacrificing health

94HO0895 ADDICTION-P-RED (http://bit.ly/2vKqFZd)

  • Red and polled
  • High type and udder composite
  • Great components

29JE3943 PABLO {3} (http://bit.ly/2vLSQYs)

  • Increases milk and component percentages
  • Improves udders while moderating teat length and placement
  • Medium-sized, efficient cows

29JE3926 WEE BEY {3} (http://bit.ly/2vjdxba)

  • Extreme component percentage improver
  • One of the breed’s highest for Fat
  • No Violet, Daffy, or Impuls in this pedigree