ABS Sexation

Take control of your heifer replacement program with ABS Sexation™

Since its release in 2006, ABS Sexation has been a valuable management tool for producers worldwide. ABS Sexation is based on a strong tradition of quality and excellence and providing sexed product from outstanding ABS sires.

Our experience is extensive as we have produced, marketed and inseminated over 1 million units of sex sorted semen to our customers around the world. Consider this your opportunity to learn more about the processes, benefits and sires available in the ABS Sexation™ brand as sexed semen is different than conventional semen and therefore needs careful management planning and preparation of both the animal and the semen.

ABS Sexation™ ...What the Farmers Say   

ABS Sexation™ has seen tremendous growth and we anticipate with the increased depth and quality of sires ABS has available that this will continue to grow!

Any sires that are selected for ABS Sexation™ have to meet high criteria. They must be proven dairy sires, meet the high genetic improvement standards required by all ABS Global products, meet all semen quality and storing standards applied by the company, and be scientifically proven to give the best possible chance of pregnancy.


Bull ID Name 2.1m 4m
94HO14105Ms Atlees Sht AFTERSHOCKYesNo
29HO14925Regancrest BEAUYesNo
94HO16937 Arrowstar BRAZZLE Yes No 
29HO15568 Kaarmona CARLITION Yes No 
29HO17762     Mr America CHACALLast stocks!
29HO15560     Midway Park Tennyson CHOCOLATENoYes 
94HO17998 Maverick CRUSH YesNo 
29HO18093 Far-O-La Debbie-Jo DRAKEYesNo
29HO17576 Sandy-Valley DREAMWEAVERYesNo
29HO15612     Elmar GEROLD YesYes
29HO15534Currajugle GONZO YesNo
29HO15556Rengaw Jardin JANEKYesYes
24FFJ01Budgeree LOADEDNoYes
29HO18006ABS MANSFIELDComing soon!No
29HO18045No-Fla MERIT YesNo 
29HO16955View-Home MONTEREYYesNo 
29HO16888     Seagull-Bay MVP YesNo 
29HO15630Eclipse FemMY SNOWman 1283Last stocks!Yes
29HO15551Hill Valley NIELS NoYes
29HO16654     No-Fla PATRON YesNo 
29HO12772Ballycairn Oman PELLOYesNo
29HO16974     Synergy PRIMEYesNo 
29HO14180Clear-Echo REUBENLast stocks!No
29HO16561De-Su RUPERTComing soon!No
29HO15633     Glomar SUPERLUCKYYesNo
29HO17706De-Su 12128 TAILORYesNo 
29HO15473     Elmar THROTTLE YesYes
29HO15481Carenda VINDICATE YesNo
CSCEDISONCairnbrae Tbone EDISONYesYes 
CSCFERRARI Inverlair Heights Raceway FERRARI YesNo 
29JE3506 Tollenaars Impuls LEGAL Last stocks!No
29JE3756 Hawarden Impuls PREMIERYesNo
British Friesian

29HO12898Catlane CHADYesNo


Last updated 12th September 2016