ABS Sexation™

ABS Sexation™ is the world's most recognised sex sorted semen brand!    

Any sires that are selected for ABS Sexation™ have to meet high criteria. They must be proven sires, meet the high genetic improvement standards required by all ABS Global products, meet all semen quality and storing standards applied by the company and be scientifically proven to give the best possible chance of pregnancy.

Our experience is extensive as we have produced, marketed and inseminated over 1 million units of sex sorted semen to our customers around the world. Consider this your opportunity to learn more about the processes, benefits and sires available in the ABS Sexation™ brand!  Sexed semen is different than conventional semen and therefore needs careful management planning and preparation of both the animal and the semen.

ABS Australia has a range of male and female semen available to order for Angus, Red Angus, Sim Angus and Simmental as well as Sexation™ semen from Australian Angus and Wagyu bulls.

Consider the possibilities:

  • to gender skew the calf crop to 90% of the desired sex;
  • to create more bulls for sale with no addition to land, labour or herd size;
  • to utilise female semen to achieve more daughters from the old iconic maternal cow; or
  • to quickly create more daughters to select from a cow that may carry a genetic condition.

Most bulls available in 2 million sperm per unit with some available in 4 million.


Bull Id  Bull Name  M/F 
 29AN1851 KO GOOGOL G46 
 29AN1886 MILWILLAH GATSBY G279 (AI)  M & F 
 29AN1819 RENNYLEA EDMUND E11 (ET) (AI) M & F 
   (available in 4 million)  
 29AN1810 TE MANIA EMPORER E343 (AI) M & F 
 29KB0003 LONGFORD F E0241 (AI) (ET)  M & F