AfiAct™  - Breeding Control

ABS has partnered with Afimilk to launch their next generation heat detection system AfiAct II. This is an exciting addition to our portfolio and it provides an industry-leading solution for customers interested in auto heat detection. As part of this collaboration, ABS will introduce the AfiAct II system to appropriate customers in the U.S. and Canada. The following sections provide additional program information in case you have questions. 

What is ABS’s role?
For this program, the primary role of ABS sales is to notify Afimilk when a customer is interested in electronic heat detection. ABS will NOT be involved in system pricing, installation, maintenance, or repair.

Contact information for AfiAct is below:
Amir Ben-Yehoshua| S.A.E Afikim, Application Support Manager, East
Cell: 260-366-3134 
Skype: amir_b-afimilk

How can I get more information?
By clicking on the link to the AfiAct web page.

Why is ABS working with Afi?
ABS’s core business is improving dairy herd genetics to achieve customer performance goals. Knowing the right time to breed cows is important, and ABS helps dairies detect cows in heat through our RMS program. Recent technology improvements have increased the accuracy of electronic heat detection, and dairies of all sizes are implementing the systems. ABS is working with Afi to further extend our portfolio of reproduction solutions.

ABS and Afi share a common vision of using research & technology to improve reproduction efficiency and effectiveness. ABS selected Afi to be our electronic heat detection partner because AfiAct II is the most accurate system on the market and Afi is committed to further advancing their hear detection technology.