Beef Sires

ABS retained the No. 1 industry position for beef semen sales in Australia for the 2017-18 sales period.

The National Herd Improvement Association (NHIA) semen sire survey, to which all member A.I. companies submit their annual returns, showed ABS Australia Beef has 46% of domestic sales and 85% of export sales.

In the Angus breed, sires from ABS Australia currently hold the top three registration positions with EF Complement as the No. 1 registration sire of progeny in the previous 24 months. Following him are Te Mania Emperor and Matauri Reality. ABS Australia bulls Millah Murrah Kingdom, SydGen Black Pearl, Pathfinder Genesis and VAR Generation hold positions 5 through 9; giving ABS Australia 7 in the top 9 rankings. A big thank you to the Australian beef producers for your support.

ABS Australia continues to research and implement programs and hold information meetings for cattle breeders. We have a great passion for Fixed Time A.I. [FTAI] and articles of interest are on pages 56 to 57 in this directory. On pages 26 and 27 are the summary notes and a photo gallery of the ABS Australia seminars and field day held on March 19 to 21, which were supported by over 200 people. Copies of the presentations are available by contacting the beef team.

This directory features some of the highlights of the ABS Seminar announcements. Refer to page 10 for ABS Sexcel™, ABS most advanced sexed genetic product; pages 30 and 31 for the HCR Program and page 55 for the ABS In Focus product.

Last year’s initiative to run an annual ABS Australia calendar photo competition was a great success and the competition has been run again this year. Congratulations to Karl Kilian, Jade Francisco and Ruby Canning on their winning entries in the beef section. Special congratulations to Ruby as she was also a winner last year. If you would like to reserve a copy of the 2019 ABS Australia calendar, please call the office.

Over the next 12 months we will be conducting more workshops on FTAI. We know synchronization is a profitable management tool for beef producers, providing great gains in calving intervals and genetic growth.

In October last year we held an open day at TLG for breeders to view the ABS bulls. This was a highly successful event and appreciated by all who attended. Stay tuned for the next open day which will be announced via the ABS Australia website, beef Facebook page and email.

The ABS Australia beef team has more travels ahead with Bill hosting a small group of breeders on a 10 day USA tour in late September. In November, Bill and Fletch will be attending the ABS Worldwide Beef Conference in the USA and Bill will be back in New Zealand next autumn. During the coming year, team members will be attending most of the Beef Week field day events.

From time to time updates and specials will be available via the ABS Australia website, beef Facebook page and email.

A final note, with the increased global sales, the inventory level of some bulls may result in low stocks or being unavailable, so please consider your bull selections and place your orders early. Particularly Capitalist, Inertia, Fail Safe and some Sexcel™ product will be under sales inventory pressure.

For further information and assistance, please contact Fletch Kelly 0419 383 341, Kim Sultana, 0438 418 113,  Bill Cornell, Beef Product Manager 0428 293 498 or your local ABS sales representative.