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Genetic reporting made easy

For years managers Isaac and Michelle Johnstone have contemplated how to best demonstrate their herd’s genetic progress for the corporate offshore farm owners. Sure, the New Zealand-based board of directors viewed the cows when they were in south west Victoria a few times a year, but the visual assent and production details only went so…


Keeping track of our most important asset – the Game family, Bemboka NSW

Most dairy farmers will tell you there’s nothing more important to their business than their cows. But for Brodie and Kevin Game, their herd of up to 350 is their biggest asset. It’s the cornerstone of their business, their stake in the dairy industry and may one day hold the key to farm ownership. “In…


Making better cows, faster

In less than a decade reliable genomics has increased the pace of genetic gain in Australian dairy herds and simultaneously reduced the cost of elite genetics. “Genetic improvement is the single most important factor in dairy profitability at the moment,” said ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan. “Despite dry conditions and feed shortages, which are…


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