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The Beginning of an Era – ABS Global Releases Bolton Sons

Two 29HO11111 BOLTON sons are leading the excitement at ABS Global with the release of the April USDA sire evaluations – 29HO14062 GILLESPY and 29HO13991 RUBLE are two of the first proven sons available and are looking to follow in the great BOLTON’s footsteps. Both new releases are backed by two generations of ABS millionaire sires. 29HO14062 De‐Su GILLESPY‐ET*BY is a BOLTON x SHOTTLE that provides an elite combination of high production and superb type.

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ABS Global Announces Bullboard Contest

ABS Global, Inc. is pleased to announce the ABS bullboard contest, open to all dairy and beef enthusiasts with creative ideas for this globally recognized interstate icon. The ABS Global interstate bullboard sits next to I‐94/I‐39, just a few hundred feet away from the North America headquarters in DeForest, Wis.

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St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corporation Awards Calf in Fall Promotional Contest

Klinedell Farms of Myerstown, Pa. was recently awarded a St. Jacobs ABC‐sired calf as part of a fall promotional giveaway in the eastern United States.

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Dr. Katie Olson Joins ABS Team as Research Scientist

Dr. Katie Olson recently joined the ABS Global team as research scientist. “Katie’s exceptional experience with genetic and genomic evaluations and her background in the dairy and beef industries will make her an asset to the ABS research team,” stated Dr.

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ABS Icon SHOTTLE Reaches One Million Units Produced

Global phenomenon 29HO12209 Picston SHOTTLE-ET EX-96 has become the 11th sire at ABS Global to achieve millionaire status. This monumental achievement is an attribute to his influence and success as one of ABS’ most well-respected sires. SHOTTLE produced his one millionth unit of semen on December 20, 2011.

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Net Merit is Prominent in ABS Active Lineup

Profitability has never been so important in the dairy industry, and with the ABS Global active sire lineup following the December 2011 USDA data release, producers can look to ABS more than ever to provide the Net Merit sires needed in a breeding program. “ABS Global has led the industry for Top 100 Net Merit and TPI sires for the past several sire summaries and is now recognized as the true Net Merit leader,” commented Wayne DeBuhr, North America Dairy Product Manager. “The active lineup can p…

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