Crossbreeding Management System™ with the Norwegian Red Breed

ABS Global has partnered with Geno Global as the exclusive distributor of Geno Global Norwegian Red genetics in North America.

The Norwegian Red breed is known for superior health and fitness traits. Females tend to have less difficulty calving, breed back easily and are medium-sized, trouble-free cows that work well in commercial dairies. All of these attributes can aid in making a dairy more profitable. ABS recommends a three-breed rotational crossbreeding program involving the Holstein, Jersey and Norwegian Red breeds.

In extensive research, Norwegian Red sires have added profitability to crossbreeding programs with -

  • Improved Fertility
  • Increased Survival
  • Improved Mastitis Resistance
  • Improved Resistance to Other Diseases
  • Improved Percentages of Fat and Protein

View the videos below for more information:

CMS® crosses early in lactations 

Mid-lactation Norwegian Red crossbreds

Interview of U.S. Owner-Veterinarian of CMS® crosses