ABS Australia is a leader in dairy bovine genetics and is a one-stop shop for your semen requirements with a wide selection of dairy genetics from around the world at competitive prices.

The ABS Australia sire line-up features an exciting offering of sires from Australia and around the world that will meet the needs of the most discerning breeding program.   

Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Illawarra, British Friesian & Irish Holstein are all featured and, across all breeds, it is clear that ABS has the most diversity, reliability and breed leaders in the industry!   

Adding to the excitement is the availability of the largest selection of sorted female semen from any single supplier in the global industry! ABS Sexation™ will provide you with 90% heifer calves, a bonus in today’s environment where replacement costs are high and the value of heifers is at a premium.  We are also excited about our Custom SexedULTRA™ semen which gives a comparable conception rate to conventional semen.

ABS is a global leader for high-ranking genomic bulls.  Read more about incorporating genomics into your breeding program and the things to remember when considering genomic sires. 

ABS Australia also offers on farm reproduction services and advice and can supply all your heat detection aids and artificial breeding merchandise requirements.

Whatever your needs, ABS has the products!

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