Durable, healthy, and vigorous offspring define sires that achieve ABS DURAbull status.

What type of cows do dairy producers want to milk and manage today?
Cows that:
  • Calve easily     • Have live calves     • Stay healthy     •  Breed back easily     • Are easy to manage


The ABS DURAbull program continues to meet producer needs by identifying sires that produce trouble-free, fertile, and long-lasting cows. Key elements needed to achieve DURAbull status include:

  • Calving Ability,   Sire and Daughter - Stillbirth, Calving Ease
  • Fitness and Management - Longevity, Daughter Fertility, Udder Health
  • Functional Conformation - Udders,   Feet and Legs, Body Condition
  • Actual Daughter Deviations for Longevity (PL) are required for DURAbulls eligibility
  • The top 25% of the ABS sires for health and fitness traits carry ABS DURAbulls logo

 Health & Fitness Leaders from August 2016

Bull ID Bull ID Bull ID 
29HO16251 DEAN29HO15534 GONZO
29HO14888 POMPOSO 
29HO13666 DESTRY*RC 
29HO16322 HURST
29HO14335 TWIST 
29HO14142 DORCY
29HO16319 ISADOR
29HO16220 WISP
29HO14684 GALLON
29HO14828 MYRLE