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Spring 2012 Focal Point

In This Issue:
Beef Breed Sire Data
Genetics & Service
What's one more worth?
Reasons to use Estrous Synchronization and AI
Beef Cow and Heifer Protocols

PDF of the Spring 2012 Focal Point


Spring 2011 Breeders Journal

In this Issue...
Spring Sales Leaders
Powerful Fresh Perspective on Mature Sires
Front-Load Calving Season
New Release Sires Club Calf Bulls
Fall Sires Review

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Spring 2010 Breeders Journal 

In this Issue...
ABS Sexation Sires
ABS... Beyond Bulls
New ABS Sires

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Fall/Winter 2009 Breeders Journal

In This Issue...
Rock Solid Sires
DNA Markers... Revolution or Evolution?
New ABS Sires
ABS Sexation - Sorted for Success
Unique Options for Feeder Cattle Marketing

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Spring 2009 Beef Breeders Journal

In This Issue...
New ABS Sires
A.I. Synchronization Deliver
Are Your Cattle Eligible for Premium Markets?

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