ABS Feed Efficiency Leaders

Dairymen are continually finding ways to improve profitability, and increasing income over feed cost has become a common benchmark. ABS created the Feed Efficiency Leaders designation because we recognize the need for profitable, efficient cows that last.

ABS Feed Efficiency Leaders are a distinct group of bulls identified for greater profitability. This group of Sires comes from a proprietary index based on research and takes into account the need to moderate frame size while enhancing protein, fat, reproductive performance, udder health and longevity. ABS Feed Efficiency Leaders can be used with confidence to transmit greater profits to improve your bottom line. 

The ABS Feed Efficiency Leaders produce:

  • Cows with moderate, manageable frames for lower maintenance costs
  • More efficient females with higher production
  • Outstanding reproductive performance for a fast return to next lactation
  • Daughters that last for increased return on investment

 Bull IDBull ID Bull ID 
29HO16639 ALIAS29HO16700 LAMAR29HO16709 STERN
29HO16433 ATHENS29HO14828 MYRLE
29HO16473 VALOR 
29HO16650 PESKY29HO16558 WAMPLER 
29HO16251 DEAN
29HO14888 POMPOSO 29HO16220 WISP 
29HO14684 GALLON
29HO16546 REDWOOD 29HO16575 YENNY 
29HO15534 GONZO29HO16503 SPARKY29HO16607 ZUMA 
29HO16319 ISADOR 

Updated August 2016