ABS Genetic Services

The global leader in bovine genetics, ABS Global is dedicated to bringing you scientifically-sound, elite genetics for your herd. Our dedication to you doesn’t end there. ABS realizes that in order for you to recognize the most Profit From Genetic Progress, your genetic investment must be implemented deliberately and strategically. That’s why we’re excited to announce a completely reimagined portfolio of Genetic Services.

Genetics are improving. So should your mating program.

We are excited to introduce GMS 2.0 – a completely new, redesigned mating program built with you in mind. Some of the most exciting improvements include:

-    *NEW* Robot option
-    Incorporation of female genomic results
-    Over 150 customizable options to tailor the program to your herd

Some things will always come standard. GMS 2.0 continues to help in managing inbreeding levels, and offers the most complete protection against detrimental recessives, haplotypes, and genetic saturation.

The new GMS 2.0 provides the most customizable options of any mating program in the industry. Choose which production and conformation options best fit your operation, then identify the areas to emphasize genetic improvement in your herd.

Choose from: 
Show Type
Intensive Management


Milk-Fat-Protein Combined
Cheese Yield

Next, you can rank Production, Health, and Conformation according to which areas you are interested in making the quickest genetic progress. 

Genetic Audit

See your herd’s genetics at work like you’ve never seen before. 

The newest tool in the Genetic Services portfolio—the  ABS Genetic Audit is the perfect complement to GMS 2.0. Used in conjunction, they can optimize the return on your genetic investment. Similar to a report card, an annual Genetic Audit gives you an overview of where your herd’s genetics are NOW. Based on your goals, the Genetic Audit provides a baseline from which you can make future comparisons to see genetics in action like you’ve never seen before.

How does it work? 

A Genetic Audit will segment your herd based on YOUR description of your ideal cow, or what you consider the best cow in your herd. Using a backup from your dairy management system or other recorded information, an analysis is conducted. The results will show you unprecedented insights into exactly HOW genetics are working in your herd, and predict the performance of your future herd based on heifer, calf, and current pregnancy information.