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ABS GenoMate

GenoMate is a service offered by ABS through GMS to provide genetic management in herds where linear trait information cannot be gathered or is unavailable. Utilizing up to 3 generations of sires and production information, GenoMate is an efficient and inexpensive tool that provides accurate mating recommendations and thorough genetic analysis to create more profitable operations.


Like Full Linear Evaluation, GenoMate provides many benefits that help make your customers profitable:

  • Herd Percentile Ranking Calculation –HPR helps manage genetic advancement by prioritizing matings for whole herd improvement.
  • Inbreeding Protection –Up to 7 generations of pedigree checked
  • Genetic Recessives Protection –Eliminates detrimental crosses of undesirable recessives
  • Management Protection –Offers different combinations of production and conformation to build 30 different types of cows; making GMS GenoMate a premium choice for any type of dairy operation.