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The Genetic Management System®

Providing producers the mating tools to help build a profitable business.

Since 1968, the Genetic Management System® (GMS®) has been providing  a comprehensive management system that optimizes genetic progress and simplifies the breeding process. GMS offers sound, unbiased mating selections based on economically important production and type traits for longer-lasting cows, as well as a heifer GenoMate program based on pedigree traits.

The long-term benefits of GMS include higher profitability through improved herd production averages, increased longevity, and more valuable offspring. It also allows for more efficient management of time and breeding dollars, allowing the customer greater control of their breeding program. In our 40 years of service, over three million cows have been mated in over 40 countries with GMS.

The Genetic Management System contributes to overall herd success, much like herd health and nutrition programs. GMS allows customers to profitably take advantage of the sires and services ABS offers, saving time and making money for customers to focus on other aspects of their dairy business.

Creating a Blue Print

ABS wants to work with your dairy and plan for the future. A GMS evaluator will help develop a comprehensive and personalized genetic improvement blue print for your dairy.

  • What type of housing and milking facility do you have? How does this determine the type of cow you want to develop?
  • Where do you market your milk? Is it a Cheese, Fluid or Organic Market? Are there production changes needed?
  • Which type of on-farm record keeping system/software is being utilized? Is individual cow information available?
  • What makes the most profitable cow for your operation? Where do you expect your herd to be in 5, 10 and 15 years?

Sire Selection

By combining these three steps, your evaluator will be able to create a unique MasterPlan tailored to your herd.

  • GMS pre-evaluation reports will be provided based off of your herd’s pedigree information
  • Your GMS evaluator will score 15 linear traits on each animal
  • As a team, your GMS evaluator, ABS Representative and you will meet to analyze the current genetic level of your herd

A customized bull group is developed from your criteria rather than the “most popular” bull. Inbreeding, recessives and the individual cow’s strengths and weaknesses are all combined together to produce the most beneficial mating.

Inventory Management
  • Utilizing the Monthly Semen Needs Report will reduce overhead and improve efficiency when Month to Breed data is provided to your GMS Evaluator from existing records
  • When using one of the three mating recommendations independently, you will easily be able to clean up and manage existing inventory
  • Avoid running your inventory too tight because that could limit your herd’s growth and potential

Professional Results

ABS employees are here to help.

  • GMS utilizes Certified, professional GMS Evaluators evaluating herds for 15 economically-important traits - Plus an entire team of dedicated professionals running reports and maintaining quality
  • Weighted economic and longevity indexes are used for consistency in the herd
  • Decisions are easier because of Herd Percentile Ranking (HPR) – a ranking within herdmates using production, type and health & fitness data based on your goals developed through customer controlled breeding options from the GMS MasterPlan
  • GMS fixes what needs fixing and protects what needs protecting on each cow
  • Using the common ancestor information from the maternal and paternal side (controlled inbreeding and recessive protection) helps to manage fertility, calf vigor and growth traits
  • GMS is conscious of current economics, and develops indexes to meet all market needs

For more information contact your ABS Representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.