ABS Dairy InFocus (Beef x Dairy)

ABS Dairy InFocus involves the strategic use of proven beef sires on dairy cows within a comprehensive breeding plan. InFocus enables dairies to increase cash flow and improve future herd genetics. Lower performing cows are bred to beef and calves are sold at a premium. Top performing cows are used for heifer replacements.

• ABS InFocus Price Guide - December 2013 
• ABS InFocus Beef x Dairy Overview Video

ABS Beef x Dairy Advantage

There are clear differences between beef bulls when tested on dairy cows for fertility, calving ease, still birth and calf quality. The ABS Real World Data™ program monitors these results and graduates only those sires with a competitive advantage over unproven dairy beef sires.

  • Increased Fertility: ABS tracks real beef x dairy
    fertility results, and bulls that achieve a 5-star RWD ranking perform 2-3 percentage points better for conception rate than industry averages. This keeps more cows in lactation and reduces the number of units to achieve pregnancy.

  • Improved Calving Ease: Improved calving ease reduces stress in the maternity pens and gets cows back on peak milk more quickly. The industry average for Holstein calving difficulty is more than 8%, but calving difficulty is less than 2% for InFocus sires.

  • Reduced Still Birth: InFocus sires reduce the
     still birth rate by more than half compared to Holstein breed averages.This means less maternity pen-stress, more live calves, and better cash flow.

  • Calf Quality: ABS InFocus sires are designed to produce superior beef cattle from dairy cows, in terms of health, growth rate, feed efficiency and carcass merit. InFocus calves significantly outperform dairy steers and generically-sired dairy beef.

Calf Marketing Support

ABS has regional relationships with calf growers and feedlots looking to buy InFocus calves at premium prices over the dairy bull-calf market. This simplifies the overall calf marketing process and provides increased profit for dairies.

Breeder Testimonial

deer_creek_feeding_llc“The ABS Dairy InFocus program really fits our Holstein and Jersey breeders. As a heifer ranch, we aim to develop the best dairy replacements for our customers. By using InFocus on the lower performing cows, our dairy customers are paid a premium for beef calves and they get back higher quality replacement heifers.” - Justin & Jerod Ball, Deer Creek Feeding, LLC, Dalhart, Texas



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