As the Jersey breed continues to gain momentum and popularity, ABS is ready to deliver the best in Jersey sires to your front door. Jerseys can improve a producer’s bottom line, with higher market value for milk and a greater ability to efficiently convert feed.

Whether focusing on Productive Life, Udder Index or Net Merit Dollars, the ABS Jersey sire lineup has something for everyone. 

ABS Jersey sires have the ability to meet every Jersey producers’ criteria.

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 Bull ID     Bull ID 
 Jersey JPI    Jersey  JPI   
29JE3678 Blade +141   29JE3506 Legal +95  
29JE3752 Chart +89   29JE3756 Premier +62  
29JE3768 Daybreak 
  29JE3646 Vance
29JE3759 Dominos +149    29JE3624 Vernon +177  
29JE3642 Gatsby +140
  29JE3761 Visionary +205  
29JE3615 Jupiter



Updated December 2015