Proven Sires

  • High Accuracy - A.I. proven sires are identified with the Rock Solid logo
  •  Bulls must meet minimum accuracy of .90 (which requires a multi-herd A.I. proof)
  •  Recent MFA Research indicates a significant economic advantage using high   accuracy A.I. sires
  •       - $50 per calf versus low accuracy sires
  •       - $90 per calf versus natural service sires

Bull ID  Bull ID  Bull ID 
29AN1523 New Design 878 
29AN1750 Chinook 29AN1807 Upshot
29AN1551 Destination 928
29AN1751 Brilliance
29AN1815 Safeguard
29AN1556 Lead On

29AN1757 Program

29AN1827 Rito 6EM3
29AN1574 Objective 29AN1773 Rainmaker P175
29AN1828 2U66
29AN1642 Image Maker
29AN1774 Complement
29AN1852 Reserve 
29AN1644 Extra K205
29AN1779 Frontman

237AN2096 Trust

29AN1688 Rito Revenue
29AN1783 Absolute
237AN2102 Hoover Dam
29AN1697 Impression
29AN1789 Final Product
237AN2155 Motive

29AN1790 Special Focus
237AN2195 Power Tool
    237AN2199 Consensus 7229
Red Angus     

29AR0214 Laramie

29AR0218 Norseman King

29AR0232 Jackhammer
29AR0236 Epic


29HH0835  Harland 29HH0838 Domino 3027  29HP0906 Rib Eye
29HH0837 Yankee   29HP0901 Progress  29HP0914 Thor

Limousin  29LM0078 Gentleman in Black  29LM0082 Justice 
29SM0318 Big Sky 29SM0388 Right On
29SM0415 Movin Forward
29SM0366 Goldmine 29SM0390 Sure Bet
29SM0417 Ever Ready
29SM0371 Macho 29SM0391 Ranch Hand
29SM0426 Red Iron
29SM0373 Dream On

29SM0404 GLS Combination

29SM0427 Sharper Image
29SM0384 Pacesetter
29SM0407 Dual Focus
29SM0432 Rushmore