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  • Genomic sires blitz the Good Bulls Guide

    Dairy farmers are set to reap the benefits of the ABS genomics program with three new proven bulls hitting the Good Bulls Guide with the release of the December Australian Breeding Values.The new bulls include 29HO16714 De-Su BALISTO (ranked number 1) who is a full brother to the already proven 29HO16667 De-Su TOPSY(ranked number 2) and the farmer favourite 29HO16888 Seagull-Bay MVP (ranked number 4)These three sires also hold down the number 1, 2 & 3 positions on the proven ABV Type Weighte...  Read More

  • JERONIMO-P Australia's highest BPI bull

    AUSTRALIA’S highest ever BPI$ bull, 29HO18698 ABS JERONIMO-P with a 397 BPI$, will be available for dairy farmers next autumn.JERONIMO-P possesses a unique combination of high fat and protein percentages, as well as elite ABVs for survival, cell count and daughter fertility. He is the leading sire for daughter fertility with an ABV of 121. He is also a heterozygous polled (Pp) sire and carries the A2/A2 gene.   Read More

  • ABS elite sires make choosing a team simple in 2018

    ABS is set to make choosing a bull team easier with an exciting range of sires available in 2018.ABS's partnership with Central Sires Co-op has three of the top five proven Jersey bulls available including "The King" Cairnbrae Jaces ELTON. This 13-year-old sire is still in high demand for his superior semen and daughter fertility and has countless daughters in Australia and overseas.Adding to the Jersey team in 2018 is Murray Brook SHADOWMAN. CSCSHADOWMAN will add positive milk wit...  Read More

  • ‘Unprecedented’ 20 ABS sires rank above 300 BPI$

    ABS goes further in front for quality and choice in ABV rankings as the company continues to lead the Australian ABVs with 20 sires above 300 BPI$, according to the latest rankings released this week.“Having this number of sires above 300 BPI$ is unprecedented in the Australian industry,” said ABS National Sales Manager, Paul Quinlan. “For ABS it’s never been about just being number one. Number one is one sire.   Read More

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