Providing Opportunity to Grow from Within

Since 2006, ABS has been offering global dairy and beef producers ABS Sexation® semen, and the opportunity to produce more high quality replacement females.

ABS Sexation straws are frozen through ABS advanced technology, and evaluated for quality control standards. ABS sexed semen is identified with a 529 or 594 stud code, as compared to the traditional 29 or 94 (used by St. Jacobs ABC).

Customer benefits of using sexed semen include:

  • Create 90% females
  • Reduce disease risk from purchased replacements
  • Control replacement costs
  • 90% female sperm in each straw

ABS sorted semen may be used solely for single artificial insemination of one female bovine during natural ovulation with the intent to product a single offspring.

Bull ID Bull ID  Bull ID 
529HO14168 Aspen  528HO13402 Genuine  529HO13718 Rodrigo 
529HO14660 Ayers  529HO13935 Grover 529HO13754 Sanderson
529HO14596 Benton   529HO14768 Jives 529HO14184 Sennett
529HO14544 Dare 529HO14103 Matic 529HO13250 Strategist
529HO13666 Destry*RC 529HO14137 Michelob 529HO14258 Tabber
529HO14297 Duston  529HO13811 Moreland  529HO14061 Vence 
529HO11993 Focus 529HO14136 Murdock 529HO13463 Zebra
529HO13723 Gameday 529HO14180 Reuben 529HO13601 Zelgadis
Red & White Holstein     
594HO0880 Attitude-Red  594HO0883 Fantasy-Red 594HO16187 Heztry*RC
594HO13666 Destry*RC    

Bull ID  Bull ID  Bull ID 
529JE3527 Amity 529JE3509 Karl 529JE3630 Magnifico
529JE3678 Blade 529JE3506 Legal
529JE3756 Premier 
594JE3642 Gatsby     529JE3508 Lyndon 529JE3646 Vance
594JE3720 Hired Gun     

Bull ID  Bull ID  Bull ID 
Primetime Holstein Primetime Holstein  Primetime Holstein 
529HO16627 Charlie 529HO16650 Pesky 529HO16336 Saleen
529HO16251 Dean 529HO14968 Plumber 529HO16667 Topsy
529HO14567 Golding  529HO16304 Salado   

Bull ID  Bull ID  Bull ID 
Primetime Jersey  Primetime Jersey  Primetime Jersey 
529JE3752 Chart 529JE3856 Holden 529JE3832 Spencer
529JE3842 Dai 529JE3837 Legitimate 529JE3826 Veteran 
529JE3768 Daybreak  529JE3845 Lunar  529JE3858 Vigilance 
529JE3828 Debit 529JE3816 Polaris  529JE3761 Visionary 
529JE3841 Denton  529JE3846 Porthos   

Bull ID Bull ID 
Judge's Choice  Judge's Choice 
594HO0880   Attitude-Red  594HO0883  Fantasy
594HO13666 Destry*RC  594HO16187 Heztry*RC
594JE3720 Hired Gun   

Updated April 2014