Welcome to a new dawn....

Using 21st century technology, Sexcel™ sexed genetics has been created by ABS Global to deliver more high value pregnancies in your herd.

Sorted genetics have been available for many years; however the technology used to date has always been the same...until now. ABS has invested significantly to develop a unique 21st century technology, which is gentler on the cells and enables us to deliver a product that will contribute to improved performance in your herd.

Sexcel uses the most advanced technology, combined with superior fertility and the most profitable genetics to help.... Fast forward your genetic progress

Benefits of Sexcel


More heifers

Opportunity to produce more heifers as herd replacements, allowing you to grow from within and reduce the risk of bio-contamination.

New technology

New pioneering technology is the most advanced on the market.

Superior performance

In trials, compared to conventional semen, Sexcel achieved a higher relative conception rate than any other sexed genetic product.

Increase genetic value

ABS is committed to using the best available sires for Sexcel. Select your best heifers and pair them with Sexcel to fast forward your genetic progress.

More milk

- Studies have shown that a heifer producing a female calve will produce more milk.

Even more benefits 

Heifer calves are often born more easily, reducing the risk and cost of calving problems

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The Australian launch of Sexcel will held in January 2018

Fast Forward Your Genetic Progress