Sexed Genetics

Sexed Genetics Can Bolster Your Herd

Sexed genetics is used to produce offspring of a desired sex. In dairy herds it allows the farmer to:

  • Increase heifer inventory
  • Increase selection intensity (genetic progress)

Sexed genetics also offers other benefits alongside such as:

  • Reduced calving difficulties
  • Reduced bio-risk

Sexed genetics combined with ABS programs allows farmers to diversify their revenue income, reduce operational cost, and can also improve the speed of genetic progress. ABS has developed their expertise with sexed genetics since 2006 and we are now offering the best proven and genomic bulls as part of our sexed genetic portfolio.

ABS Sexation® is the current available ABS brand for sexed genetics. It is produced using the proprietary technology of XY LLC and Sexing Technologies. ABS Sexation straws are frozen through ABS advanced technology, and evaluated for quality control standards. ABS Sexation semen is identified with a 529 or 594 stud code, as compared to the traditional 29 or 94 (used by St. Jacobs ABC).

Note: Sorted semen may be used solely for single artificial insemination of one female bovine during natural ovulation with the intent to produce a single offspring.

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