Sire Directory 2014/15


Our 2014/15 Dairy Sire Directory brings together the best range of dairy bulls available in the industry and again represents the best value genetics you can buy!

Reliability & Genomics

ABS prides itself in providing the most stable and accurate genetics in the industry.  Dairy producers using ABS' proven genetics add profitability with:

  • Consistent daughters
  • Expected performance
  • A sound genetic investment


ABS Australia August 2014 APR Rankings

ABS identifies different levels of reliability through:

 ABS Primetime™

These sires have superior genomic values, highly appealing cow families and strong & reliable sire stacks. Using a group of ABS Primetime sires is important as these sires are lower reliability than our reliable ABS proven sires that are progeny tested.

ABS Primetime™ Elite

These are the world's most elite Genomic sires - focusing on a balance of TPI, APR, Daughter Pregnancy Rate, Productive Life, PTAT & Calving Ease

Rock Solid Genetics™

ABS has more sires with 100 daughters in 60 herds at graduation. These sires achieve ABS' Rock Solid Genetics level of reliability - the highest standard in the industry

ABS Diamond Sires

ABS leads the industry in sire achieving Diamond Sire status - 1,000 milking daughters.

 Other logos in our directory:

ABS Durabulls®

Identifies sires that produce trouble-free, fertile & long-lasting cows.  Sires have to qualify in areas of Sire & Daughter calving ability, Health Traits (Longevity, Daughter Fertility & Udder Health), Functional Conformation

Calving Ease

ABS sires with 7.4% or less Calving Ease (or equivalent).  ABS Calving Ease sires can be used with confidence to produce less calving problems.

Fertility Kings

These are the most extreme semen fertility sires, rated ***** & **** on ABS Real World Data.  RWD is derived from actual on farm pregnancy test data collected from all over the world, including Australia.