Sire Directory 2015/16


Our 2015/16 Dairy Sire Directory brings together the best range of dairy bulls available in the industry and again represents the best value genetics you can buy! ABS is proud to provide local and globally sourced genetics suited to Australian conditions.

Reliability & Genomics

ABS prides itself in providing the most stable and accurate genetics in the industry.  Dairy producers using ABS' proven genetics add profitability with:

  • Consistent daughters
  • Expected performance
  • A sound genetic investment


ABS Australia April 2015 BPI Rankings

  • Holstein
  • Jersey

ABS identifies different levels of reliability through:

 ABS Primetime™

These sires have superior genomic values, highly appealing cow families and strong & reliable sire stacks. Using a group of ABS Primetime sires is important as these sires are lower reliability than our reliable ABS proven sires that are progeny tested.

ABS Primetime™ Elite

These are the world's most elite Genomic sires - focusing on a balance of TPI, APR, Daughter Pregnancy Rate, Productive Life, PTAT & Calving Ease

Rock Solid Genetics™

ABS has more sires with 100 daughters in 60 herds at graduation. These sires achieve ABS' Rock Solid Genetics level of reliability - the highest standard in the industry

ABS Diamond Sires

ABS leads the industry in sire achieving Diamond Sire status - 1,000 milking daughters.

 Other logos in our directory:

ABS Durabulls®

Identifies sires that produce trouble-free, fertile & long-lasting cows.  Sires have to qualify in areas of Sire & Daughter calving ability, Health Traits (Longevity, Daughter Fertility & Udder Health), Functional Conformation

Calving Ease

ABS sires with 7.4% or less Calving Ease (or equivalent).  ABS Calving Ease sires can be used with confidence to produce less calving problems.

Fertility Kings

These are the most extreme semen fertility sires, rated ***** & **** on ABS Real World Data.  RWD is derived from actual on farm pregnancy test data collected from all over the world, including Australia.