Spotlight Sire

BALISTO was instantly globally popular with his first units of semen and now graduates into the active line-up. BALISTO is a direct descendant from the 2014 Holstein International Global Cow of the Year, Wesswood-HC Rudolph Missy EX-92 3E GMD DOM. This is the same cow family that produced industry icons Supersire, Mogul, Sid, Power-ball and MONTEREY.

BALISTO dtr: Longmoor Balisto Bertha VG-87 2yrs

29HO16714 De-Su 11236 BALISTO is best described as "the package". His production ASI +255 offers exceptional components (fat & protein %). He breaks through the 300 BPI $ barrier at 329, the highest Type Weighted Index (341) bull in Australia.

Good health traits make him a 4 star TransitionRight™ sire. The economic impact of sire genetics on cow transition health is significant for any size dairy operation. By using BALISTO, your operation is projected to save approximately $50 per cow per lactation in preventive or reactive costs over breed average sired progeny.

As an extra bonus, BALISTO is an A2/A2 bull with outstanding Semen Fertility +1.2%. BALISTO combines three exceptional cow families into one pedigree: Clear-Echo (via Bookem), BWM Georgia (via Watson) and Rudolph Missy!