Dam of Topsy and Balisto

Dam of Lamar and La-Bron

Daughter of La-Bron

Daughter of Liftoff

Dam of Pesky

Daughter of Amigo

Dam of Paisley

MGD of Alias

Daughter of Attorney

Daughter of Vigilance

ABS Global Graduates 13 Sires
 Focusing on Producer's Needs 

ABS® Global, the world’s leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, and artificial insemination technologies, is excited to graduate 13 sires into its proven sire lineup that provide a wide array of favorable traits to benefit dairy producers across the globe.

ABS Global is committed to providing the best genetics for each producer’s individual needs. Our new graduate line-up features Holstein and Jersey bulls with strengths across the board that will provide dairymen with countless opportunities to make their herds more profitable. Many of our new graduates are also highly-ranked TransitionRight™ sires; by offering this patent-pending genetic selection tool producers can prevent multiple post-calving metabolic disorders ultimately saving time, money, and productivity.

In the Jersey breed, HARRIS claims gold! This new graduate excels as the #1 bull for JPI, Met Merit, and Cheese Merit. HARRIS can offer customers the genetic capabilities for increased fat and protein, calving ease, and high fertility in both purebred and crossbreeding programs.

At ABS we recognize the dairymen’s needs. It is our mission to produce a superior sire lineup that tailors to the management style and desires of every herd. We are pleased to announce our newest proven sires that will offer dairymen a variety of traits to help all operations achieve their goals.


29HO16667 TOPSY

  • The complete package – type, production, and fertility
  • Elite health - 4-Star TransitionRight with 5.9 SCE
  • Increases production across the board
  • Udder and Feet & Legs improver
  • Elite NM$ +651

29HO16714 BALISTO 

  • Great in the heifer pens
  • Elite NM$ +664 and CM$ +723
  • Reduces SCC
  • 4-Star RWD Bull Fertility and TransitionRight

29HO16700 LAMAR 

  • Increases components - high CM$ +628
  • Udder and Feet & Legs improver
  • Healthy daughters that transition quickly after calving

29HO16679 LIFTOFF 

  • Elite DPR +3.0 while increasing milk production and components
  • Great for heifers with 6.9 SCE
  • Backed by 11 generations of VG or EX dams

29HO16701 LA-BRON 

  • Increase production and components
  • Udder improvement
  • 4-Star TransitionRight

29HO16650 PESKY 

  • Outstanding calving ease of 5.6 as our first proven ARMITAGE son
  • Increases production and components
  • 5-Star TransitionRight

29HO16675 AMIGO 

  • Big production and great for use on heifers
  • 4-Star Bull Fertility
  • 5-Star TransitionRight

29HO16692 PAISLEY 

  • Unique Sudan son
  • Moderately sized daughters
  • Increases components with high A2/A2 milk production

29HO16639 ALIAS 

  • Increases health and fertility
  • Great for heifers and high NM$
  • Backed by 7 generations of VG or EX dams

29HO16709 STERN 

  • Reduces frame traits and SCS
  • Increases DPR +3.5 and PL +6.7
  • 5-Star TransitionRight


  • Elite proven type sire stack Gold Chip x SHOTTLE x Durham Atlee
  • Jaw dropping SCE at 5.7 and extreme Feet & Legs +3.14
  • Dam is the EX-93 full sister to AFTERSHOCK

29JE3866 HARRIS 


  • VISIONARY’S first proven son debuts at #3 CM$, NM$
  • great SCS and high PL = low maintenance cows
  • Reduces frame size and adds production for maximum feed efficiency
  • Elite sexed fertility