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Daughter of Guapa

Daughter of Jarod

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Daughter of Merica

Daughter of Viabull-P

ABS Global Graduates 11 Sires
That Increase Production While Improving Fertility

ABS Global, Inc., the world leader in bovine genetics, reproduction services and technologies, is excited to graduate 11 sires into its proven sire lineup that provide a wide array of favorable traits for dairy producers across the globe.

“The top Holstein graduate today is Seagull-Bay MVP-ET,” says Mitch Amundson, Global Dairy Brand Manager. “He has always rated high in customer satisfaction as well as TPI® and Net Merit. We see the trend continue through his many daughters.”

ABS Global is committed to providing the best genetics for each producer’s individual herd. The new graduate line-up features Holstein sires high in milk production, pedigree diversity and calving ease while also improving female fertility. Jersey graduates are much like the ABS Holstein lineup in that they offer high production with health and fertility. Additionally, ABS now has six proven Jerseys over 200 JPI.

Adding to the most powerful Jersey lineup worldwide, CHILI is the top ABS graduate. This sire offers a balanced profile for broad use, has a deep maternal line and adds to the storyline that HARRIS started earlier this year.

“When we graduated HARRIS in August, we were thrilled with the value his profile brings to our customers,” explains Amundson. “With the addition of CHILI and our other new graduates, this further strengthens the line-up.”

Additionally, many new graduates are highly-ranked TransitionRight™ sires; by offering this proprietary genetic selection tool, producers can prevent multiple post-calving metabolic disorders ultimately saving time, money, and productivity.


29HO16888 MVP

  • Complete satisfaction sire
  • Calving ease heifer pen specialist
  • Proven Mogul son from Shauna herself
  • A2/A2 and high components

29HO16804 GUAPA

  • Chart-topping DPR & Productive Life
  • Outcross LARGE x JEEVES x Zenith
  • Healthy, stylish daughters with no production compromise
  • 5-Star TransitionRight

29HO16862 JAROD

  • Production and components leader
  • 632NM$ for long lasting, profitable daughters
  • Outcross Sudan x Planet x BOLIVER pedigree

29HO16845 MADEA

  • Calving ease and A2/A2
  • The entire profit package: production, fertility, and longevity
  • Adds width between rear teats

29HO16816 ARDIE

  • Ideal for heifer pens
  • A2/A2 and impressive components
  • Reduces stature while increasing production


  • 5-Star TransitionRight
  • Use with confidence in heifer pens
  • Productive daughters that breed back & outlast herdmates
  • A2/A2

29JE3867 CHILI

  • Balanced profile for broad use
  • Improves component test
  • Strong sexed semen fertility track record
  • Deep maternal line
  • 5-Star TransitionRight


  • Outcross MEDALIST x Louie x JEVON pedigree
  • Significant health trait improver
  • Durable, commercial cows
  • 5-Star TransitionRight


  • Production specialist
  • Unique Dignitary x JEVON x John pedigree
  • Time-tested cow family
  • 4-Star Sexed Bull Fertility


  • Extreme component improver
  • Strong, durable commercial cows
  • The next generation of Maid
  • Ideal sire for Violet bloodlines


  • #1 CM$ Polled sire
  • Moderate sized, healthy and stylish daughters
  • Backed by 3 Excellent dams
  • 5-Star Sexed Bull Fertility

At ABS we recognize the dairymen’s needs. It is our mission to produce a superior sire lineup that tailors to the management style and desires of every herd. We are pleased to announce our newest proven sires that will offer dairymen a variety of traits to help all operations achieve their goals.

For more information, please contact Cheri Johnson, Global Communications Manager, at cheri.johnson@genusplc.com.