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Dairy Herd Management

Managing Calf Immunity
Starting the calf off with proper nutrition is very important to the success of the calf and future cow. There are many 'right' ways to do it, but what does the latest research say?

Limitations of Field Evaluation for Semen Quality
A.I. organizations go through several quality control steps to ensure the best product for their customers, however,  semen quality evaluations are occasionally warranted to address field questions.

Headlocks Boost Reproductive Efficiency
The benefits of incorporating headlocks into a dairy facility are numerous.
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Activity Charting
Cow comfort is critical to maintaining high producivity, optimizing herd health and increasing reproduction.
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Genetic Management

Control Inbreeding Losses with GMS
As the industry continues to improve genetics, the relationship between animals will increase in all herds and in all cattle, including natural service sire usage.
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Fertility Plus
The Fertility Plus group from ABS is a heterospermic (blended product) unit of semen developed by combining technology with well-founded research.

Reproductive Management

Breeding Heifers With ABS Sexation
The primary goal of a replacement heifer program is to rear heifers to attain a desired age and body weight early so they can reach puberty, establish pregnancy and calve easily at minimal cost.

Once-a-Day Breeding vs. A.M/P.M. Breeding – Is There a Difference?
Dairy producers have relied on the a.m./ p.m. rule for optimum conception rates; however, research shows there is no significant difference in conception rates between inseminations performed in the morning or in the afternoon when using the a.m. / p.m. rule.

Poor Locomotion Impacts Reproductive Performance
Observation of cow movement and subsequent assignment of a locomotion score (LS) can provide a good indication of lameness prevalence in a herd.   

Monitor Reproductive Programs Through Bovine Blood Progesterone Testing
Blood progesterone concentrations can be used to evaluate heat detection accuracy, synchronization efficiency and animal cyclicity. This piece includes the ABS Global Blood Progesterone Submission Form.    

Managing Reproduction During Times of Heat Stress
This article highlights some of the reproductive challenges facing cows during heat stress, thereby reducing a dairy’s profit.

Mastitis Impairs Reproductive Performance
Recent studies confirm that preventing mastitis in early lactation animals improves reproductive efficiency.
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A.I Versus Natural Service
Utilize artificial insemination to gain the full benefit of improved reproductive performance and more.
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Multiple Straw Thawing
The number of straws to thaw effectively depends on many variables including technician proficiency, proper thawing technique, and environmental conditions to name a few.
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Udder Health Management

Individual Cow SCC Data to Reduce Bulk Tank SCC
Collecting and using SCC data is essential to reducing the financial loss from mastitis and maximizing the profitability from selling the highest quality milk at the highest price.   

Poor Teat End Condition Increases the Risk of Mastitis
Research has shown that poor teat condition negatively impacts milk quality and udder health.   

Winter Udder Health Management
Managing milk quality and udder health is a constant challenge, but the challenge takes on new meaning when harsh winter weather conditions set in.
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