Technical Services Information

Acidified Sodium Chlorite (ASC): 
Acidified Sodium Chlorite (ASC), the primary germicide in ABS udder care products, is an incredibly effective broad-spectrum, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal agent. ASC works better that iodine when organic materials such as milk, mud or manure increase pH on the skin. Iodine is negatively affected by these pH increases and loses killing ability with the organic material present.

Lab Tests
Extensive laboratory tests demonstrate the superior killing ability of Valiant teat dips. Scientists use lab tests to perfect formulations prior to testing in University herds. These tests also help them evaluate characteristics that are difficult to measure using live animals. Lab tests are limited in that they cannot demonstrate a product’s ability to prevent infections. However, they are quite useful in determining speed and spectrum of kill, effects of organic matter, and in the case of Valiant teat dips, duration of effective killing ability after activation.

University Herd Studies
Each Valiant teat dip has been tested thoroughly in University herds. Scientists tested Valiant Barrier and Valiant Pre/Post for effectiveness against contagious and environmental pathogens. Since pre-dips are designed to help prevent environmental mastitis infections, Streptococcus uberis, an environmental bacteria, was used in both studies for Valiant Pre.