Tenderness EPDs - An Angus Breed 1st

The tenderness evaluation is an exclusive component of the Angus Sire Alliance.  With over 3,000 steers harvested and measured for shear force, this database is well on its way to becoming the largest in the industry.  This research indicates that while there is not a major problem with tenderness in the overall Angus population, there are significant sire effects that can be utilized to improve overall eating quality.

This data is a substantial step beyond DNA markers.  Through progeny testing, these Shear Force EPDs describe more of the genetic differences between bulls by measuring the actual effects of a sire's entire genetic profile for tenderness rather than estimating those effects based on a limited number of genes.

Our research shows that bulls with identical DNA marker scores do not sire progeny with identical performance.  While DNA markers provide additional insight especially on unproven animals, we recommend EPDs as the most effective tool when selecting proven sires to improve specific traits.

  • The first and only Shear Force EPDs for the Angus breed
  • Shear Force EPDs are expressed in pounds with lower numbers indicating increased tenderness
  • Research indicates that shear force measurements less than 3.00kg can be classified in a "Guaranteed Tender" range based on taste panel results
  • Bulls with the "Proven Tender" logo have Shear Force EPDs less than +.00 and have been proven to produce progeny that would equate to the "Guaranteed Tender" range


Top 30 Angus Sire Alliance Tenderness Sires

Top 30 ABS Tenderness Sires
(from Angus Sire Alliance data)