Trait Symbols

ABS Proven
Sire is proven through the ABS progeny testing system

Sire possesses A2A2 gene for beta casein

Breeder’s Choice
Sire is a member of the St. Jacobs Breeder’s Choice Program, a program whose members come from extreme cow families and produce profitable daughters with outstanding type

Calving Ease
Sire has superior calving ease based on actual observations

Daughter Fertility
Sire whose daughters show improved fertility

Diamond Sire
Dairy: Sire has at least 1000 milking daughters, which recognizes outstanding second crop success and ensuring genetic accuracy

Sire is in the top 25% for health and fitness traits with an emphasis on offspring that are trouble-free, fertile, vigorous, and long-lasting

Genomic Value
Sire is yet to be proven, possesses desirable genomic values

Judge’s Choice
Sire was selected by a panel of internationally acclaimed judges for inclusion in the St. Jacobs Judge’s Choice Program, a program with an emphasis on producing show-winning daughters

Pregnancy King
Sire has high semen fertility based on actual observations and Real World Data

Red & White
Sire is a member of the St. Jacobs Red & White Program, a program backed by outstanding type-focused sire stacks and
legendary maternal cow families

Rock Solid Genetics
Dairy: Sire has at least 100 daughters in 60 herds, which provides stable type and production proofs over time

Sire is available sexed