RWD TransitionRight™ Genetics

ABS Global is the first and only company to offer a patent-pending genetic selection tool to help prevent multiple post-calving metabolic disorders that occur during transition –– the most crucial period in a cow’s life. Learn more by watching our short video about TransitionRight and why choosing a highly-ranked ABS Holstein or Jersey sire can help you save time, money, and productivity.

Don’t react. Prevent through genetics.

Transition health disorders cost you serious time, money and productivity. With 75% of disease in dairy cows occurring in the first 30 days in milk and as many as 50% of high-producing cows affected, transition cow disorders take a major toll on your dairy operation and bottom line.1 In a year, it is not uncommon to lose up to 10% of a herd due to transition cow problems.2 Prevention through genetics has not been available to help reduce multiple post-calving disorders—until now. With TransitionRight, you can strategically choose ABS sires to enhance the transition health of your Holstein or Jersey herd.

Break the cycle of prevention and reaction. Use the power of genetics to address transition cow health.

TransitionRight is powered by the industry’s most robust database—ABS Real World Data®.
· Real-time data provided by ABS customers
· Contains more than 20 million cow records
· Average herd size ~1500 cows

“We’re not simply taking industry PTA’s and incorporating them into an index. ABS Real World Data is using REAL producer data and creating value through genetic solutions.”
– Dr. Katie Olson, Ph.D., Lead Research Scientist

TransitionRight Economic Sire Ranking
The economic impact of sire genetics on cow transition health is significant for any size dairy operation. By choosing a 5-Star sire, your operation is projected to save approximately $100 in preventive or reactive costs per cow per lactation over a breed-average 3-Star sire.

Star Ranking Sire Ranking Expected Economic Impact Per Lactation
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Top 10% $100 Savings
★ ★ ★ ★ 20% $50 Savings
★ ★ ★ Average 40% $0
★ ★ 20% -$50 Cost
★ Bottom 10% -$100 Cost

Reduce early metabolic disease traits with ABS TransitionRight 5-Star Sires.

Disease Trait % Difference in Expected Incidence Rate vs. 1-Star Sire
Mastitis 7%
Metritis 6%
Ketosis 4%

Cost Per Condition

U.S. Dairy Example: Metritis

At a typical incidence rate of 15%, a 1,000 cow herd can lose over $52,000 from reduced productivity, treatment costs, and herd loss from metritis alone.


Contact us today to talk about ABS TransitionRight Genetics. We want to know how ABS can help your operation become more profitable.

1 Major Advances in Disease Prevention in Dairy Cattle. 2006. LeBlanc, S.J. et al. Journal of Dairy Science , Volume 89 , Issue 4 , 1267 – 1279 and Monitoring metabolic health of dairy cattle in the transition period. 2010. LeBlanc. J Reprod Dev. 2010 Jan;56 Suppl:S29-35.

2 Reproductive performance of North American dairies by geographic region. 2015. C. F. Vergara*, F. Bitencourt, L. Johnson, D. Vallejo, and H. Lopez. J. Anim. Sci. Vol. 93, Suppl. s3/J. Dairy Sci. Vol. 98, Suppl. 2

TransitionRight™ Genetics was launched in Australia in January 2016 by Mitch Amundson, ABS Global Dairy Brand Manager at International Dairy Week.  


5 Star TransitionRight Holstein sires - April 2016

 29HO17958 AVENGER P 
 29HO17939 BECKHAM
 29HO18101 CALUMET 
 29HO17971 CANYON
 29HO18041 CAYLE
 29HO16438 CONTOUR
 94HO17998 CRUSH
 29HO16322 HURST
 29HO18045 MERIT 
29HO16654 PATRON
29HO13796 PONDER
 29HO17964 SOLARIS
 29HO17706 TAILOR