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Beef Regional Contacts


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Additional Contact Information

ABS Customer Service - 1-800-ABS-STUD
ABS Beef Department - 1-800-ABS-STUD (press option #4)
Email -

Lacey Sutherlin

Sales Team Leader - MT, WA, N. ID

p: 406-381-5423 email:

Joe Jones

Area Beef Manager - NV, ID, UT, OR, AZ, CA

p: 208-670-2364 email:

Roger Wann

District Business Manager - OK, TX, NM

p: 940-727-8492 email:

Merlyn Sandbulte

District Business Manager - MN, SD, ND, MT, WY

p: 712-470-4237 email:

Larry Rowden

District Business Manager - NE, UT, CO, WY

p: 308-870-0121 email:

Bobby Strecker

Sales Team Leader - CO, WY, NE

p: 970-571-2722 email:

Todd Sears

Sales Director - KS, Southeast CO

p: 608.334.3550 email:

John Merrill

Area Beef Manager - TX, LA

p: 817-832-5286 email:

Brad Bennett

District Business Manager - AL, TN, KY, MS

p: 540.810.9295 email:

Kevin Devore

Sales Team Leader - Southern IL

p: 618.339.0665 email:

Josh Jens

District Business Manager - Southern WI, Northern IL

p: 920-226-4269 email:

Dan Cunningham

Sales Team Leader - Northeast WI

p: 920-322-4883 email:

Nels Jessen

District Business Manager - MN, Northwest WI

p: 763-497-1843 email:

Roger Sundberg

District Business Manager - OH, N. IN, MI, NY

p: 330-466-2588 email:

Doug Baker

District Business Manager - PA, NJ, MD

p: 570-568-0920 email:

Eddie Fredriksson

Sales Team Leader - FL

p: 386-330-4152 email:

Sarah Baynard

Sales Team Leader - VA

p: 443-786 6376 email:

Mark Wilburn

Sales Team Leader - NC, GA, SC

p: 336-953-0521 email:

Brian Brace

District Business Manager - AR, MO, IA, IL

p: 563-260-4971 email:

ABS USA Beef Representatives

ABS USA Leadership

Richard Jenkins

Vice President North America Beef 276.608.8300

Todd Sears

Beef AI Sales Director 608.334.3550

Doug Frank

US Beef Product Manager ext. 6252 or 608.846.6252

Ben Lohmann

Beef Sire Acquisition Manager 785.380.6585

Parker Friedrich

Beef Sire
Acquisition Specialist 254.413.2420

Sheri Eberle

Beef Product Support Supervisor/Coordinator ext. 1405 or 608.846.1405

Ariel Hellenbrand

Beef Product
Development Specialist ext. 1422 or 608.846.1422

Emilee Dorn Hoffschneider

Beef Marketing Specialist ext. 6379 or 608.846.6379

Matt Cleveland

Global Product Development Director ext. 1406 or 608.846.1406

Dan Dorn

Business Development Specialist 308.830.8008

Tim Timmons

InFocus Manager 260.227.0768