Communication Regarding 3F EPIC and EVEREST

Communication Regarding 3F EPIC and EVEREST


On Friday, the American Angus Association posted the notice below regarding the NHC status of 3F EPIC 4631.  His carrier status was discovered after Sitz EVEREST 728, one of 3F EPIC’s sons recently added to our lineup, tested positive as a carrier of NH through our routine testing program of ABS bulls.


Following this announcement, the owner’s of 3F EPIC have authorized ORIgen and ABS to accept returns of unused 3F EPIC semen as has been done in the past with identified recessive carrier bulls.  While previous returns were replaced with a defined list of bulls, in this case the buyer will receive a credit to their account reflecting the price originally paid for the semen and the number of units returned.


Customers who purchased 3F EPIC semen from ABS may return their unused semen in accordance with the attached protocol to ABS.  ABS will also credit any unused straws of EVEREST through the same process.


The announcement from ORIgen below includes a refresher of the implications for registered Angus breeders that have used 3F EPIC.


An overview of ABS’ DNA testing procedures is also linked below.