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ABS Cornerstone® - The newest, most progressive genetics available


No matter what your breeding philosophy is, ABS Cornerstone® Progeny Test program provides a solid genetic foundation while helping to identify the next top bulls of the breed. ABS backs its products with 75 years of reliable science and experienced sire acquisition team. A leader in industry trends, ABS was the first to include health, fertility and calving performance into a sire selection program that is guided today by genomic evaluations. ABS Cornerstone herds are the foundation of the ABS Real World Data network that provides information to go above and beyond standard industry evaluations.

Program Benefits

  • Breed-leading genetic superiority and genetic value in economically priced semen
  • Financial credit for accurate calving data on Cornerstone sires
  • Staff who work with you to ensure accurate program usage and tracking assistance to maximize your reward
  • Opportunity for tours and promotion of daughters to dairy producers around the globe

To learn more about enrolling in the ABS Cornerstone Progeny Test program, contact your ABS Representative or e-mail: Trent Olson,