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Valiant® - The Ultimate Level of Protection

The Valiant product line consists of four products, providing protection from bedding to parlor and everywhere in between.

Valiant Shield (New)

Make sure Valiant® Shield tops your list. Producers across the country count on Valiant Shield for proven high performance ASC germicide with excellent test conditioning in alternative bedding situations (sawdust, recycled sand, dried manure solids, etc.). The unique formula is specially formulated for reduced tackiness so less bedding material sticks to skin.

  • Simple Removal Ideally Suited for Free-Stall Facilities
  • New Generation Dual Germicide System is Fast-Killing and Long-Lasting
  • Excellent Teat Skin Conditioning (Healing, Moisturizing Protection)
  • Great Color Marking
  • Low Drip Rates

Valiant Barrier - The Ultimate Level of Protection
  • Penetrates the teat canal and clings to teats, forming a barrier on teat skin to physically block pathogens
  • Easy barrier removal allows build-up free use in any weather conditions
  • NMC protocol tested

Valiant Pre - The Milker's Best Friend
  • 15-20 second kill designed to thoroughly clean teats and kill mastitis causing organisms quickly and efficiently before milking
  • Effective surfactants easily, thoroughly clean teats
  • Food safe, residue safe (like all Valiant products) - critical pre-dip criteria
  • Blue coloring for easy identification of dipped, foamed teats and pre-dip cups
  • NMC protocol tested

Valiant Pre-Post - The Healthy Teat Specialist
  • Dual germicide with lactic acid to promote teat exfoliation
  • Special teat conditioning formula rejuvenates dry teats and keeps them in top condition
  • Bright green marking readily identifies dipped teats
  • NMC protocol tested

All of the Valiant products are available in 5-, 15-, and 55-gallon containers. Pre is available in 300-gallon totes.