Global Beef Update event - May 2012

Sire comments from

  • Todd Sears, ABS Beef International Marketing Manager
  • Robert Bulle, Ardrossan Angus, breeder and a part owner of Ardrossan Equator A241 and Ardrossan Admiral A2 and a part owner of Rennylea Edmund E11
  • Rob Costello, Nairn Park Angus, part owner of Coonamble Elevator E11
  • Sinclair Munro, Booroomooka Angus, breeder and part owner of Booroomooka Inspired E124
 29AN1783   ABSOLUTE   29AN1789    FINAL PRODUCT  
 29AN1669   ADMIRAL A2   237AN2102    HOOVER DAM
 29AN1768   BRAVE  29AN1762    INCENTIVE 
 29AN1751   BRILLIANCE   29AN1842    INSPIRED E124
 29AN1819   EDMUND E11   237AN2096    TRUST
 29AN1841   ELEVATOR E11    29AN1807    UPSHOT
 29AN1736   EQUATOR A241       

Jay Weiker, General Manager, ABS Australia

The Global Beef Update event

Todd Sears

ABS' consideration on foot structure

Australian genetics in the USA ... it'll take some time

The Global Beef Update event

Vasco Beheregaray Neto, ABS Latin America Beef Product Manager

The Global Beef Update event