Progeny Testing

The Angus Sire Alliance Program was initiated by Circle A Angus Ranch in 1996 to objectively measure commercial performance and real world value from birth-to-harvest. The program pioneers the use of selection indexes in the beef industry and remains the most comprehensive source of feedlot profit, efficiency and maternal performance.

ABS has been a marketing partner with Circle A since the first bulls graduated in 1998 and the Sire Alliance program has been an exclusive ABS progeny testing program since 2008. The data derived on ABS sires not only provides you, our customers, added accuracy and reliability, but also unique and valuable insight into feed efficiency and commercial profitability that is not available anywhere else today.

Ranked among the country's 25 largest cow-calf operations and Top 100 Seedstock Producers, Circle A Angus Ranch is arguably the largest combined commercial and seedstock operation in the US. While these rankings are determined by size, it's really the innovative people and programs behind the cattle; along with the fact the commercial herd is the driver of the business that makes Circle A Ranch an industry leader.

Proven Angus Sire Alliance Bulls

Proven Angus Sire Alliance bulls deliver profit and predictability from Pasture to Plate™ with

Long lasting, productive and profitable daughters in the pasture
High performing steers backed by documented efficiency genetics in the feedlot and
Carcasses that deliver quality and cutability to earn grid premiums on the rail