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ABS newcomer first to break the 400 BPI$ profit barrier

Outstanding Holstein newcomer 29HO18698 ABS JERONIMO-P-ET is the first bull to break through the 400 BPI$ barrier. Icon Sire™ JERONIMO-P was first identified in the Australian Breeding Values (ABV) future stars list in December (BPI$ 397) and from that point breeders in Australian have been waiting patiently for his updated ranking to come through in…


ABS Launches Advanced Bovine Sexing Technology

Australia’s leading bovine genetics company, Genus Australia Pty Ltd. (“ABS Australia”), has today announced the launch of Sexcel™ Sexed Genetics, the most advanced bovine sexed genetics, designed to deliver more high value pregnancies to Australian dairy herds. Sexcel gives dairy farmers a new option to fast forward genetic progress in their herds and achieve greater…


Genomic sires blitz the Good Bulls Guide

Dairy farmers are set to reap the benefits of the ABS genomics program with three new proven bulls hitting the Good Bulls Guide with the release of the December Australian Breeding Values. The new bulls include 29HO16714 De-Su BALISTO (ranked number 1) who is a full brother to the already proven 29HO16667 De-Su TOPSY(ranked number…


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