Dairy Crossbreeding FAQs – General

What is HYVIG dairy crossbreeding?

HYVIG dairy crossbreeding is the solution that gives you more. Unlike other programs, HYVIG doesn’t dictate that the same breeds fit every herd. Our specialists can help you achieve your herd breeding goals using the right crossbreeding program, the right breeds and the right bulls for your unique situation. When used on your purebred cows, this unique combination will boost your herd performance – which means you can expect a reduced workload and more profit. In addition, we have a dedicated team of specialists to help you every step of the way. HYVIG complements other breeds and is a complete solution that fits into any farming system, delivering more.

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What dairy situations should consider crossbreeding?

Crossbreeding works best in situations when the producer:

  1. Is focused on efficiency and profitability. For example, looking for smaller, lighter, more feed efficient cows; lowering input costs
  2. Knows what traits in the herd need improvement and that breed complementarity and heterosis can correct these traits.
  3. Wants rapid change
  4. Is committed to following a program
  5. Prepared to accept change and implement the program

What is heterosis (hybrid vigor)?

Heterosis or hybrid vigor is added performance that results when crossing two different breeds. Geneticists believe that heterosis results primarily from breeding individuals that are more variable in their genetic material and are less inbred. Heterosis is measured as the difference in performance from the average performance of the parent breeds. Usually, heterosis is expressed as a percentage of the parental breed average.

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Will HYVIG dairy crossbreeding solve all problems?

No, HYVIG dairy crossbreeding will not solve all herd management problems. However, it is one more tool that commercial dairy producers can use to improve their profitability, and crossbreeding will help with many modern dairy management challenges. Plus, crossbreeding can help adapt your herd to changing breeding goals quickly.

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