Five Best Things About Ida: Your Digital Solution for more Informed Decisions

We recently announced our partnership with Connecterra to bring you Ida, the Intelligent Dairy Assistant. Ida is your digital solution in herd monitoring for making more informed decisions based on data collected both behaviorally and through your dairy management systems. Ida helps you by saving time, reducing labor, decreasing costs, and increasing productivity.  

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There is a lot you’ll want to know about Ida. The system’s herd monitoring promotes efficiencies in fertility, health, and animal welfare. A digital solution that compiles the data, recommends informed decisions, and expands your productivity is a tool worth its weight in gold.  

We think a lot about Ida’s capabilities, but this might be new for you. Learn more about Ida or check out what we think the five best things are below. 

  1. Reproduction is an essential factor in the profitability of your dairy. Ida detects heat and notifies you up to five hours before the optimal insemination window begins. You can increase conception rates and decrease costs of tail paint and labor. As an added plus, Ida can send you notifications when fertility issues occur or calving, so you can act quickly.  
  1. Health on a dairy influences milk production and costs. Poor health can lead to increased costs from treatment protocols as well as decreased milk production. Thus, promoting good health every day must be a focus. Herd monitoring through Ida uses data to identify potential the beginning of illness and alert you automatically. This alert can happen 24-48 hours before most humans even notice a problem. You can then make an informed decision about preventing the problem from escalating.  
  1. Analytics takes practice. Sorting through data and analyzing what it means is not always clear. Even more so, it all takes time. Time is one thing that is always running short on a dairy. However, farm data is powerful in planning, decision making, herd monitoring and improving your operation. Take the time and complexity out of it, and let Ida collect, sort, and translate the complex data for you. Ida’s Analytics makes things simpler for you with clear behavior charts.  
  1. Ask Ida is a feature that takes this digital solution to the next level. The Ask Ida feature measures the effects of operational changes on your cows’ behaviors with just a few simple questions. Change can affect your productivity. Find out what the effect of your changes are with Ask Ida. It’s your opportunity to quantify the impact of a change with ease before implementing it full scale. Even better, share the impact of changes across your team and with your advisors for better alignment.  
  1. Ease of accessibility is vital for the success of a digital solution. Connecterra has kept this front of mind with Ida. This platform works on your mobile device, tablet, and desktop.  The Connecterra team is always looking for improvements to the system, thus, you can expect ongoing updates and new features to make sure you have the best tools for herd monitoring, allowing you to make the most informed decisions.  

Ida’s core is improving reproduction, health, and operations in your dairy. Deploy Ida on your dairy to maximize productivity. This technology brought to you by Connecterra and ABS Global will give you peace at mind as a productive, well-run farm should.  

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