Field Searcher – Kennewick, WA/Boardman, OR


This position will be responsible for reviewing daily production goals and preparing materials for team members involved in the aspiration of oocytes. This position will also be responsible for following standard operating procedures to ensure appropriate processing of oocytes prior to incubation. This position is largely focused on filtering follicular fluid, classifying oocyte health, and promoting successful embryo development via maturation medium and incubation.

Individual Responsibilities

  • Prepare personal workspace, personal stereo-microscope and incubator to ensure accurate assessment and safe transportation of oocytes.
  • Receive and properly store OPU tubes containing aspirated oocytes from Reproduction Specialist (OPU).
  • Filter follicular fluid and rinse oocytes with washing medium protocols.
  • Classify oocytes and document quantity per classification protocols.
  • Evaluate quality of oocytes under a microscope, discard non viable structures using pipette.
  • Manage time to ensure timely processing of received oocytes.
  • Complete accurate and timely documentation of required data while processing aspirated oocytes for each donor. 
  • Prepare transportation tubes with maturation medium, aerate with mixed gas solution, seal and house in incubator.
  • Coordinate supply of required materials to ensure availability to materials based on production forecasts.
  • Actively participate in testing and process improvement initiatives.
  • Seek continuous improvement to further perfect skills and decision-making required during evaluation and categorization of oocyte health.
  • Follow established safety regulations.
  • Responsible for personal transportation to work-site often in rural areas.

Education & Experience

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required; Biology, Animal Science or related degree preferred.
  • Previous course work within laboratory environment preferred.
  • Previous experiences using pipettes and microscope required.
  • Experience in a laboratory or equivalent production environment preferred
  • Previous experience working in farm environment preferred.


  • Ability to work varied shifts including weekends and holidays depending on production demand.
  • Ability to follow detailed safety protocols as required during daily exposure to needles or other sharp objects, as well as, bodily fluids of beef and dairy cattle.
  • Team-centric, detail-orientated, and highly organized.
  • Solution-driven and determined to achieve production goals.
  • Exceptional follow-through consistently demonstrating ability to organize and prioritize work for timely completion.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to interact with diverse cultures.
  • Ability to speak English required, bilingual (English/Portuguese) beneficial.
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