Lab Assistant/Procurement Specialist – Kennewick, WA


Under the direction of the Senior Embryologist/ Lab Coordinator this position will be responsible for being accountable, develop a budget for all consumable goods and equipment, build relationships with vendors, analyze invoices. As well as assist the Lab Techs and Embryologist in the day-to-day activities of all IVF lab procedures.  The primary hours for this role are 4:00 a.m. PT – 12:00 p.m. PT.

Individual Responsibilities

  • Order goods on a continuing basis to maintain proper inventory levels.
  • Coordinate with the Field and Lab Managers to purchase appropriate equipment.
  • Organize the repair of equipment in need, including contacting suppliers, shipping, warrantees, and timeframe.
  • Enter data concerning inventory and orders amounts into the computer database.
  • Organize semen shipments upon arrival and accurately update the inventory to reflect the appropriate collection date, bull name and bull registered number. Responsible for semen and embryo inventory.
  • Compare prices amongst various vendors in order to make sound purchasing decisions.
  • Develop a computer organization system that allows items to be tracked for use and cost for each team.
  • Negotiate with contractors on price, mode of shipping and delivery.
  • Check invoices for accuracy, and authorizes the accounts payable department to issue payment
  • Coordinate to ensure that all materials and supplies are present to conduct the routine IVF procedures based on production forecasts.
  • Assist in preparation of materials (IVF and IVC culture dishes, oocyte maturation tubes, and embryo media)
  • Assist the loading of the embryos for embryo transfer.
  • Type and send by email Production Reports.
  • Follow established safety regulations.

Education & Experience

  • Experience in a laboratory or equivalent production environment preferred
  • Previous experience working for a company in the biotechnology and/or agriculture sector preferred.


  • Possess strong negotiation skills.
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Exceptional follow-through consistently demonstrating ability to organize and prioritize work for timely completion.
  • Excellent eye-hand coordination, with the visual ability to correctly identify and distinguish objects of various size, color and depth perception near and far away.
  • Team-centric, detail-orientated, and highly organized.
  • Solution-driven and determined to achieve production goals.
  • Ability to work under close supervision from Senior Embryo and Embryo Techs.
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