A Loyal Customer Finds Success with Ida

Brought to you by Connecterra and ABS Global, Ida is a new kind of intelligent dairy assistant. This tool is your digital solution for herd monitoring. Use Ida to make more informed decisions about herd monitoring regarding fertility, health, and animal welfare. Ida promotes efficiency on your dairy by saving time, reducing labor, decreasing costs, and increasing productivity.  

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As a reminder, deploying Ida can benefit you in the following ways. 

  • Increase heat detection up to 20% and pregnancy rates as much as 15 points  
  • Reduce hormone use and multiple timed AI programs through increased pregnancy rates  
  • Detect health issues 1-2 days earlier, reducing antibiotic use by up to 60%  
  • Reduce labor hours   
  • Better understand the impact of changes you make to your farm  
  • Improve collaboration with your team and advisors  

Don’t take our word for it. Read below about Neu-Hope Dairy’s experience with Ida.    

Neu-Hope Dairy is based in Bluffton, Indiana. Alex and Kip Neuenschwander have expanded their herd from 500 cows in October 2019 to almost 1,100 cows today. They implemented Ida on their operation almost two years ago. Their processor, Danone, was interested in seeing this digital solution in action on farm and the impact it could have for some of their farmers. Alex explained that they were one of the lucky ones to get the chance at deploying Ida on their dairy. Ida quickly became part of Alex’s daily decision-making. The insights Ida provided helped him make more informed decisions and resulted in big improvements in cow performance and farm profitability. 

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“Ida learns from the feedback I give, which means that insights are getting better each time. It is a real savvy system!”

Alex Neuenschwander, Neu-Hope Dairy  

With their expansion, Alex and Kip realized the opportunity to increase productivity and profitability, but also an increased need for assistance. Ida was the digital solution they needed to help them improve as they expanded.  

Neu-Hope Dairy Key Results 

  • 1.5 hours of labor time saved daily 
  • 5% increase in pregnancy  
  • 20% improvement in heat detection 
  • Voluntary Waiting Period increased to 80 days  

“By using Ida, catching cows in heat is much faster and accurate now. Our current heat detection rate is now more than 60%, compared to 40% in 2018. This increased the pregnancy rate, hence increasing the profitability of our farm.”

Alex Neuenschwander, Neu-Hope Dairy 

Alex noticed other reproduction improvements such as being able to catch the repeats or non-cycling cows a lot sooner. Sometimes, these included cows that he found too young to breed, so he simply let Ida know in the app. This kind of learning is the beauty of Ida and what allows Alex to make more informed decisions about herd monitoring. She learns from your dairy’s data or management decisions. Thus, she becomes a better assistant for you as she learns more about your operation.  

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Life gets easier with Ida. You know the status of your herd right away and what tasks require priority with Ida’s easy accessibility. Let’s employ Ida as your intelligent dairy assistant today! 

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