Ida the Intelligent Dairy Assistant

The ABS Global and Connecterra partnership allows our dairy customers to implement the Ida (Intelligent Dairy Assistant) enterprise platform in their systems. With Ida, dairies will be enabled to make more informed decisions, save time and money, and increase their productivity.  

Ida is your digital solution in herd monitoring for making more informed decisions based on data collected both behaviorally and through your dairy management systems. Ida helps you by saving time, reducing labor, decreasing costs, and increasing productivity. Connecterra has set a new standard for dairy cattle monitoring and on-farm data analytics with Ida. This system compiles behavior data collected through their proprietary neck collar-mounted sensors, data collected from dairy management software systems like BoviSync, and personal on-farm feedback. Based on the data collected, Ida can then provide personalized improvement suggestions to consider, spot fertility issues, or assist in decision making by understanding the impact of potential operational changes. 

What are the benefits to employing Ida? 

  • Increase heat detection up to 20% and pregnancy rates as much as 15 points 
  • Reduce hormone use and multiple timed AI programs through increased pregnancy rates 
  • Detect health issues 1-2 days earlier, reducing antibiotic use by up to 60% 
  • Reduce labor hours  
  • Better understand the impact of changes you make to your farm 
  • Improve collaboration with your team and advisors 

Let Ida do the hard work for you so you can make the best decisions for fertility, health, and animal welfare on your dairy.  Contact your local ABS Representative to learn how you can implement Ida in your herd.