IVF Embryos

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is currently one of the most efficient techniques to speed up genetic improvement in bovines. The combination of the top female genetics with the best bulls in the market are likely to result in a high genetic value offspring.

There are several benefits that comes along with the adoption of the IVF technique such as:

  • Multiplication of top genetics in large scale.
  • Shortening the generation interval
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved reproduction numbers
  • Use of the bottom genetic females as recipients
  • Standardization of crossbreeding bloodlines
  • Genetic selling

Beyond the genetic improvement, there are other components that a farm can benefit from. For example, during warmer seasons where the conception rates of dairy cows tend to go down, the usage of frozen embryos can help to bridge the gap caused by heat stress. The same strategy can be applied on beef herds aiming to produce as many pregnancies as possible in the beginning of the breeding season.

Embryo Production in the U.S.

Last year ABS has produced over 100K embryos in the United States. This entire volume was shared across 3 from the top 10 U.S. dairies that are massively using embryos as part of their breeding strategy.

Genus Research & Development 

Thanks to the advances in R&D and proven results in the field, the IVF technology has grown significantly over the past years. The numbers are impressive, especially in markets like the United States, Russia, Mexico and Brazil; where big players in the global food supply chain have been consistently using the technology. 

Given growth and opportunities, the IVF technology has quickly become a priority within the Genus R&D pipeline. 

ABS Affiliated Labs 

The Affiliate business model allows independent companies to use ABS IVF Technology through IVF Culture Media while benefitting from our professional expertise. When you become an ABS Affiliated Lab, you also get access to a network of over 40 labs around the world.

Get to know ABS Affiliated Labs in the United States. 

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ABS IVF Embryos

In 2015 ABS became the world leader on in vitro fertilized (IVF) embryos after the acquisition of In Vitro Brasil (IVB). Since then the company has pursued a growth strategy into the IVF market that focuses on large dairy and beef programs across the globe.

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