UdderCare: Quality Milk Systems

The most continuous task you are challenged with as a dairy producer is managing milk quality and output. To properly manage, and even increase, milk quality and production, a producer must ensure that a cow is comfortable in her environment. Cow comfort is directly related to the amount of milk she produces. Thus, it’s important to not turn a blind eye to proper udder care—otherwise, you may put your operation at risk for unstable milk production.  

At ABS Global, we have a comprehensive UdderCare product line that can help improve or maintain cow comfort, but what sets us apart from anyone else in the teat health business is our people! Our people are here to support you every step of the way. 

Two Reasons to Make Managing Udder Health a Top Priority   

The first reason for udder health management is mastitis control. One of the most expensive health problems in the dairy industry is mastitis. It costs a dairy more than any other disease. Mastitis can lead to lower production and milking inefficiencies. The important thing to remember is that insufficient germicidal effectiveness or improper cleaning can increase the risk of harmful bacteria being left behind which can cause mastitis. 

Healthy teat skin is a critical component of the cow’s own defense against mastitis. 

The second reason for making udder care a key priority in your dairy is teat health. Well-conditioned teats mean healthy teats which equates to better milk quality. A cow’s vulnerability to infection may be increased by the dryness, cracking, or chapping of its teat skin. Maintaining healthy teat skin will reduce your risk of infection, improve cow comfort, and boost profitability through effective milking. 

Our ABS UdderCare: Quality Milk Systems Offering  

The ABS UdderCare team wakes up and thinks about milk quality and production every day. That’s why we offer the industry-leading product to ensure superior teat and udder health. See an overview of the ABS UdderCare: Quality Milk Systems product offering below.   

The ABS Difference: People, Products, Results  

At ABS, we know that quality milk is essential to your dairy. The products you chose for udder care and to keep your equipment and barns clean affects not only udder health but your bottom line. The ABS UdderCare: Quality Milk Systems product line starts with a strong formulation with high-quality inputs and manufactured in adherence to the Good Manufacturing Practice principles through Ecolab. Our products are tested following the National Mastitis Council guidelines which provide detailed guidance for conducting research studies on the efficacy of specific teat dip products. So, you can trust we are not just experimenting and testing on the fly.   

But truthfully, our products are not the only thing that sets us apart. It is our people. It is our value-added services. We begin by understanding your dairy before a product is ever used. Knowing your dairy allows us to recommend the right products at the right time and continuously monitor product usage to ensure maximum protection. We are not in the business to just sell a product to a dairy. We are in the business of helping a dairy problem solve issues on farm and increase profitability through improving milk quality.   

Look to our team for expert and honest advice in the following areas. 

  1. Training and consultation  
    1. Milking procedures  
    2. Equipment testing    Facility and environment review on farm    
    3. Records analysis    
    4. Barn and parlor audits  
    5. Bi-lingual Milker Training    
    6. Cow Flow  
    7. Understand the true cost of a case of mastitis  
    8. Recommendations for situational rotation of products  
    9. Set up teat dip application system to save the dairy time  
  1. Hygiene and teat scoring  
  1. Teat and udder health  

Considering how much cow comfort and productivity impact each other, we understand how proper udder care and healthy teat skin is critical to providing a comfortable and productive environment. Trust ABS Global is your industry-leading provider for teat health and milk quality. 

Looking to protect yourself against costly diseases and lower milk production? Get in touch with your UdderCare Specialist by completing the form below. 


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